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    Look at any person or industry, no matter how sophisticated, and you're sure to see the same critical mistakes being made over and over against. This is simply a natural and inevitable outcome of our very complicated world. So how do we fix this? The answer is so simple, it's genius.

    Checklists help us combat these patterns of failures by:

    1. Helping us make decisions in a smarter, more systematic way 2. Facilitating cultures of discipline and teamwork 3. Enabling us to get the tedious stuff out of the way as quickly as possible 4. Freeing our overtaxed brains to focus on the hard stuff

    The approach in Taylor Haskin's The 15 Minute Checklist Cheat Sheet: How to Harness the Surprising Power of the Simple Checklist to Supercharge Your Life is influenced by Atul Gawande's best-seller The Checklist Manifesto. Studies make it very clear that, from healthcare to national security to product marketing to building construction, checklists can be a total game changer.

    What critical routines or tasks do you perform every day in your professional or personal life that you can make foolproof and simple with a checklist? Your morning routine? Your nighttime routine? Perhaps a daily housecleaning checklist? A checklist for dealing with an angry client or an unreasonable boss? A checklist for drafting a high-quality report or memo? There are endless uses of checklists and our lives are much improved when we discover or create the ones that best apply to us.

    Discover the incredible power of checklists!

    ©2017 Taylor Haskins (P)2017 Taylor Haskins

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