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Autism Triplet Twist

Survival Stories of Triplets, Autism and Parenting
Sprecher: Dave Fung
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 47 Min.

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Do you have a child with autism or know someone who does? If you can read this book and apply the lessons learned to your life, life will be calmer and your kids will be happier. Congratulations, you are having triplets! Say what? Are you sure? Now what do we do? You must be kidding. Can you double check? You can't be serious. How is that possible? Where can I escape? Do you realize this was not the plan? Why us? Why me? Why now? Can I still work? Will insurance cover this? Do you realize I have never been a parent before? It is shocking and overwhelming! If you have or know someone that has triplets, these are common questions. What is it really like living with triplets? Autism Triplet Twist offers parenting tips for raising triplets. Autism Triplet Twist is a nonfiction collection of short stories of real triplets affected by autism. The title came from having triplets. The oldest daughter and the youngest daughter have autism. The daughter in the middle is totally normal. One of the twists is how can the middle daughter be normal when her oldest and youngest sister have autism? These true stories give parents hope they can learn how to deal with triplets with autism.

©2013 James E. Potvin (P)2017 James E. Potvin

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