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    This is not an e-book or a short story.

    This is merely a piece of short prose.

    Do not purchase it expecting it to be a longer piece.

    It is not.

    It is what it is.

    About the author:

    On March 20, 2013, I, Will Bevis, decided to embrace what I am: a writer of sometimes controversial prose and short stories, articles, and memoirs. I no longer apologize for not writing or wanting to write long novels. I am what I am, and I do what I do, and I accept myself and what I do.

    A couple of years ago, I was one of the first--if not the very first--to publish single short stories on, when everybody else was sure only novels would sell. They were wrong. Now I look around and see many others selling short stories, including one novelist who laughed at what I was doing. Yes, some of the almighty ones are selling their single short stories online now, too.

    Starting today, with "Son of Sam Shuffle," I will again be one of the first--if not the first--to do something unusual, and that is to publish single short pieces of prose on as well.

    There really shouldn't be any problem.

    If you don't like to read short prose from a writer, simply don't buy it. I try to tell people clearly in the story description that I write short stories, and I haven't had a problem in a long time with people complaining.

    ©2014 Will Bevis (P)2015 Will Bevis

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