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    The audiobook is based on the second edition of 125 Ways to Meet the Love of Your Life, which is being finalized. The core of the audiobook is 125 annotated ways to meet the love of your life, organized into nine categories, such as introductions by friends and family, dating services, trips, at work, cybermatching, online dating, singles clubs, parties, and lots more. Inspiring examples of successful matches based on original research throughout the book; Dr. Yager and her husband Fred even share their own "how we met" story.

    Relationships and workplace expert Dr. Jan Yager, author of Friendshifts, When Friendship Hurts, Single in America, and Creative Time Management for the New Millennium also has a chapter devoted to applying time management principles to the search so it might be more productive, as well as chapters on getting ready to search, staying safe during your search, coping with rejection, and, once you find "the one", tips for becoming and remaining a happy couple.

    ©2014, 2004 Jan Yager, PH.D. (P)2016 Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc.

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