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    Minister Catherine Ponder reveals universal truths for health, love, success, and peace in this groundbreaking book first published in 1962. She offers plenty of practical advice and countless actual success stories about using divine power to overcome difficulties, achieve happiness, and live a fulfilling, rewarding life. This book has helped people in every walk of life improve their relationships, work, finances, health, and spiritual understanding. 

    Every change you want to make in your life starts first in your mind. Ponder explains that by training yourself to think toward successful outcomes, ideas, and guidance will come to you for ways you can take action toward the life of your dreams.

    Fans of Joel Osteen and/or students of the Law of Attraction will enjoy and benefit from this book, with dozens of powerful affirmations and Bible verses to aid you in your journey.

    ©2018 Catherine Ponder (P)2020 Jewel Audiobooks

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