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    The fated mate I rejected wants my blood.

    I’m a nun on a holy crusade against vampires, so when a Vampire Prince abducted me and claimed to be my fated mate, I refused.

    He wouldn’t take no for an answer and tried to mesmerize me into submission.

    Screw that.

    No man - vampire royalty or not - would be the boss of me. No matter how handsome or charming or seductive.

    So I made a voodoo doll from his hair and used it to wipe his memory.

    Then a magical disaster struck, the doll broke, and so did the curse. He’s returned...and he’s furious.

    He says I can redeem myself by giving him a place to hide. He’s escaped from the royal dungeons, and there’s a warrant for his execution. He claims our lives are linked and if they kill him, I’ll also die. If I refuse, he'll turn me into his undead thrall.

    Now I have an amorous vampire in my room and the supernatural enforcers at my door.

    We’re cooped up together, and the tension is unbearable. If I don't find a way to make him leave without getting killed, I may not be able to resist his allure.

    Wicked Vampire Prince is a steamy enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance with twists and turns and a boatload of magic.

    ©2021 Bella Klaus (P)2021 Bella Klaus

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