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    Hell hath no fury like a rejected mate. 

    Five years ago, my mate rejected me and took over my pack. Instead of licking my wounds, I set that mangy wolf on fire. The Supernatural Council executed me, and my soul went to the deepest punishment pits of Hell. 

    That’s until the Demon King offers me an opportunity for freedom. 

    My mate escaped Hell, and only one person knows him well enough to track him down: Me. If I can find him and bring him back, they’ll move me out of the pit to a place where I can spend my afterlife in peace. 

    Of course, I said yes, and with a fake body and an infusion of magic, I set off into the Living World. 

    Tracking him is easy - our souls are connected, and we attract each other like magnets, but when our eyes lock, I hesitate to betray him. Griff is tall, dark, and masterful, and each moment I spend with him reminds me of our bond. 

    The air sizzles between us, and the tension burns hotter than hellfire. Our souls resonate, and I can’t help but remember why I fell in love. 

    But he doesn’t know I’m the mate who sent him to Hell…

    Hellfire Pack is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance. If you want an action-packed listen with twists and turns, download your copy today.

    ©2021 Bella Klaus (P)2022 Bella Klaus

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