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Trauma Bonding

Why You Struggle to End a Toxic and Addictive Relationship: Transcend Mediocrity, Book 64
Autor: J.B. Snow
Sprecher: D Gaunt
Spieldauer: 19 Min.

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Many people wonder why women who are verbally, emotionally, physically, and sexually abused by their partners are still hanging onto the relationship. These women can end up in a hospital fighting for their lives. They can get their children taken away due to exposing them to an abusive male. They can lose all of their relationships, money, and dignity in this relationship, but still they come back to their abuser.

Not only do these women bounce back from the abuse to rekindle the romance with their abusive partners, but they try to protect their abusers from being punished for all of the things that they have done. The situation is a no-brainer for the outsiders who are looking in. But it isn't so clear to the two people who are in the toxic relationships to see why they keep feeling overwhelming connectedness toward a partner who treats them like pond scum at least part of the time.

There is a good reason for this strange relationship between an abuser and an abused victim, and this audiobook will seek to explain it in layman's terms. The concept that these relationships are eventually based on is something called trauma bonding. It binds the person doing the abusing with the person that is receiving the abuse in a deeply entrenched manner. Neither of them can seem to break the bonds of this toxic relationship and move on with their lives.

Trauma bonding occurs when an abuser uses intense fear, intimidation, manipulation, overly romantic gestures, mind-control, and crazy-making tactics in order to entrap the other person in the relationship. The more confused and disoriented the victim becomes, the more control and pressure is exerted by the abusive party....

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