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    Have you ever felt that your baby was talented? Does your baby seem smarter than other babies? Is he or she more intuitive? Is your baby sensitive to the emotions of others, but also sensitive to taste, touch, sound, and movement? Does your baby seek out sensory stimulation, but then become especially overwhelmed when he or she is around others?

    Exceptional children are often misunderstood. They are spirited, cantankerous, argumentative, and sometimes downright naughty. Beneath the sensory processing disorder and colicky exterior often lies a very bright and exceptionally artistic baby. Sensitive babies are often exquisitely in touch with their environment in ways that normal children are not. They grow to be highly intuitive.

    Babies who are indigo children or crystal children are often prone to psychic and clairvoyant abilities. They are usually exceptional children with a high IQ, or with specialty skills in certain areas, such as design or engineering. They are susceptible to hearing the bumps in the middle of the night, seeing spirits and ghosts, and a whole host of other quirky and eccentric abilities. Some indigo or crystal infants have 360-degree eyesight, super sensitive hearing, or extremely sensitive sense of touch.

    An indigo child or crystal child who can grow up being taught to harness their own powers, sensitivities, intuition, and abilities can change the environment around them. They can innovate and create new ideas and new inventions for the world. These indigo children may lead a revolution for change, and they may be the next wave of creative individuals to start businesses, become the president, or save the whales.

    Your indigo or crystal baby has a special purpose in this world. If you seek to identify your indigo child early on in his or her life, you can give him or her the skills and freedom to have the best personal and emotional growth while you are raising him or her.

    ©2017 Lily Lake (P)2017 Lily Lake

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