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    If you are an entrepreneur or want to become one, self-discipline is one of the most important skills you need to develop to achieve success.

    Entrepreneurship is a wild rollercoaster. It will test your willpower and persistence time after time. Get yourself ready for that ride by listening to Self-Discipline for Entrepreneurs.

    Drawing upon my own experience of successful entrepreneurship and scientific research, this book covers challenges like:

    How to create a lifestyle centered around self-discipline. Discover how to change your life to thrive as an entrepreneur.

    How to keep balance and maintain sanity as an entrepreneur. The book gives you four reasons that lead to work imbalance and offers actionable solutions to enable you to persist in achieving the success you desire.

    Four toolsets to develop your self-discipline. Discover he most powerful traits, habits, or mindset changes that are necessary to strengthen your resolve.

    The most common challenges facing people who want to start a business. Learn how to escape from a syndrome that is debilitating for new entrepreneurs and discover how to overcome the most common stumbling blocks.

    Common self-discipline challenges for experienced entrepreneurs. Once you have made a good start, if you want to remain successful as an entrepreneur, it's essential to discover how to handle these issues.

    Frequently asked questions related to self-discipline. how to maintain self-discipline when you feel discouraged, boost your confidence when business goes down, find the willpower to work on your business if you have a day job, and more.

    The life of an entrepreneur can be arduous. Let this book help you prepare for these challenges and thrive, no matter what you encounter in your entrepreneurial life.

    ©2016 Martin Meadows (P)2016 Meadows Publishing

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