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    Trudy and Jeremy grew up in the same neighborhood, and they have always loved each other. She is a part of a large blended family living near a south Mississippi village. Jeremy, having lost all his family, makes his way through the world alone. At the beginning of World War I, he becomes so enthralled with his goals to succeed that he neglects Trudy, who has reached the stage in life where she wants to be loved. 

    Trudy and Jeremy attend separate colleges. She meets Lance, her brother Will’s handsome roommate, who gives her constant loving attention. The time comes for all three young men to go fight in France. When Trudy, who is left behind, encounters challenges, she must look within herself to solve problems. In a time when people must rely on writing letters, she receives unforeseen news.

    Letter from Belleau Wood pays tribute to the brave men and women who live and die during the Great War and portrays the horror of the 1918 pandemic of influenza.

    ©2020 Mary G Cooke (P)2021 Mary G Cooke

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