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    The North Carolina Foothills: 

    Twenty-seven-year-old Dove Abernathy, a beautiful woman with Asperger’s, has established herself as an artist. She depends on Bess, her mother, for emotional support. After Bess receives a severe head injury while in the prayer garden, their lives are forever changed. 

    A North Carolina Barrier Island: 

    Dove’s father, Harold, is generous with his wealth but stingy with affection for Bess and Dove. He sends them to live in two condominiums by the beach. Someone wants to destroy both women. Harold hires Vic Brunson, a private investigator, to find the evil force seeking to kill the mother and daughter. Harold demands that Vic serve as a bodyguard for Dove. Once the criminal is discovered, Vic must determine her motive and prevent her escape. All the while, can he keep Dove safe?

    ©2021 Mary Lou Cheatham (P)2021 Mary Lou Cheatham

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