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    Beschreibung von Audible

    Paul Levine’s thriller follows lawyer Jimmy "Royal" Payne as he flees painful memories as well as angry men looking to inflict real physical pain. Bad luck and poor decisions have led him to this dark place when he meets Tino Perez, a 12-year-old Mexican illegal immigrant whose mother has gone missing while crossing the border. To help young Tino, Payne must enter a world of human trafficking, rape, and murder in this hard-boiled edge-of-your-seat audiobook. Chris Ciulla lends the story a hard and fast performance with a touch of cynicism that Royal wears like badge. This is a modern thriller whose sordid backdrop is described in great detail and which you won't want to pause.


    Trial lawyer Jimmy “Royal” Payne was his own worst enemy - until now. Haunted by personal tragedy and wanted by the cops, Payne needs to skip town. What he doesn’t need is Tino Perez, a gutsy twelve-year-old Mexican boy in search of his missing - and undocumented - mother. But Payne’s ex-wife, an L.A.P.D. detective he still loves, makes him a deal: help the boy or go to jail. Soon Payne is following Tino into the darker side of the American dream. From bloody Mexicali to the bullet-ridden San Joaquin Valley, Payne is be swept into the dark current of illegal immigration, human trafficking, and sexual slavery - all the while, navigating the twisted border between justice and revenge.

    ©2013 Paul Levine (P)2013 Audible, Inc.

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