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    Welcome to Hillstone Ranch. Enjoy the complete series of four cowboy billionaire romances that are full of second chances, blind dates, fake marriages, and more that will melt your heart away with HEA endings!

    Blind Date with Her Cowboy Billionaire

    After finding out he wasn’t the father of his girlfriend’s baby, heartbroken cowboy billionaire Corbin Hayes is returning home to Hillstone Ranch, Texas. 

    Waverly Evans is recently divorced and destitute. She moves in with her best friend Astrid, whose matchmaking skills are legendary. After being set up on a blind date, Waverly is shocked to realize the date is with her first ever boyfriend from years ago. 

    Corbin is determined to right the wrongs of days gone by. Can she trust him after he broke her heart so many years ago? Can they fix their problems and have a second chance at love?

    Second Chance with Her Cowboy Billionaire

    Cowboy billionaire Sawyer Hill is charming, rich, and freshly dumped by the only serious girlfriend he’s ever had. 

    He returns home to the tight-knit Hillstone Ranch community only to run into his old best friend and newly single-mother Odelle Bennet. He quickly learns that a lot has changed since they were last friends. 

    Odelle and Sawyer reunite for the first time in six years, and sparks begin to fly. Will they find new love in friendship, or will betrayals from the past ruin their second chance at love?

    Fake Marriage with Her Cowboy Billionaire

    Taylor Cambell is ready to pack up her life and start fresh at Hillstone Ranch, after finding her husband missing and a notice of foreclosure on her front door. There, she meets charming cowboy Jack Robinson. This cowboy is set to inherit his father’s orchards and put billions in the bank, but only if he is can get married within the next 60 days. 

    Desperate to get his money back, he asks Taylor to be his bride. Can they tie the knot with no strings attached, or is a second chance at love too tempting to resist for the both of them?

    Last Chance with Her Cowboy Billionaire Boss

    Heartbroken cowboy billionaire Alexander Kennedy returns home after the passing of his father to run the family ranch. 

    Scarlett Harris has a rare disease and no money to cover the cost of her treatment to survive. After being dumped by her boyfriend and losing her job, Scarlett returns home to take a job at Hillstone Ranch, only to discover her new boss is her former best friend...and the very first man to ever break her heart. 

    This could be Scarlett’s last chance at love and life, but can she get over the hurt from the past? Can Alexander overcome the secret she’s been keeping from him?

    ©2019 Hanna Hart (P)2019 Hanna Hart

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