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    Are you caught in an exhausting, repeating cycle of bad relationships that always turn out the same, and suspect there must be some root cause driving your attraction to the wrong people, and them to you?

    Are you naturally giving and constantly find yourself being taken advantage of by chronic takers?

    Have you ever noticed that you attract the same type of person again and again and wonder why? Would you like to understand the elements that are driving this attraction and fueling this frustrating, toxic cycle? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading!

    Hoping that a new relationship will turn out different than the last, and then being disappointed by not only the same result, but arriving there through the same familiar negative patterns along the way can be discouraging. It can leave you wondering if there is a way out of this cycle.

    Explore this groundbreaking audiobook that finally uncovers the reasons why empaths and narcissists are so irresistibly drawn to each other, and the ways that, armed with the truth, you and others can finally break the cycle and avoid these relationships in the future so you can finally meet the person you were meant for!

    You'll discover:

    • The single, harmless-seeming trait that draws in narcissists like moths to flame
    • 15 must-know warning signs of a toxic relationship
    • The true reason behind why empaths often feel compelled to “fix” broken partners
    • The 7 recognizable stages of a toxic relationship (see if you relate!)
    • How toxic relationships are preventing you from meeting the one you were meant to be with, and the ultimate tool to break free from the cycle for good
    • And much more...

    Even with a track record a mile long of toxic, unhealthy, and even abusive relationships, there is a way to empower yourself to break the cycle.

    If you are ready to never deal with another dead end, hurtful relationship again, start listening today!

    ©2019 Kara Lawrence (P)2020 Kara Lawrence

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