Hillstone Ranch Romance Series

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Blind Date With Her Cowboy Billionaire Inhaltsangabe

A billionaire cowboy who returns home to run his family's ranch, the ex-girlfriend he never thought he'd see again, and a blind date that could bring them back together....

Corbin Hayes thought he had it all - money, good looks, and a pregnant fiancée. After earth-shattering news rocks his perfect world, Hayes is forced to return home to his cowboy roots and run his family's Texas ranch. At the insistence of a ranch hand, Corbin goes on the most unlikely of blind dates and is reunited with the girl whose heart he broke so many years ago, Waverly Evans.

Recently divorced Waverly Evans has just lost her business and her husband. She moves in with her best friend in Hillstone and an unexpected blind date setup has her face-to-face with the last person she was expecting to see. Corbin Hayes. Her attraction to Corbin is undeniable, but she quickly learns their past love - and heartbreak - are hard memories to get over.

Can Corbin undo the mistakes of the past or is he doomed to repeat them? Will Waverly be able to resist the pulling attraction she feels for Corbin and have a second chance at love? Or are their hearts destined to be broken all over again?

©2018 Hanna Hart (P)2020 Hanna Hart
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