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    Do emotional insecurities and a lack of self-confidence get you knocked down and feel you can't bounce back? Do you often feel uneasy and nervous, perceiving yourself inferior to others?

    If you think you can't turn these feelings around, you're wrong. These emotional insecurities can be changed and improved, only by understanding the nature of the emotions and learning the solution of to handle them. Everything that you fear now and believe impossible is achievable if you learn how to put your strengths to action.

    Chase away your limiting beliefs, fears, and obstacles, and welcome your emotionally stable, courageous self!

    Emotional Confidence is a collection of 11 stories of emotional insecurity and the antidotes that even the most successful people used to overcome their greatest fears and self-sabotaging habits. It is a painful process to face our greatest weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and flaws, nevertheless, we must if we want to learn to handle them and leave their negative effects behind.

    In the book, I will talk about 11 emotional insecurities following the same solution structure each time: I present the insecurity through a real life example, followed by telling what problems that particular insecurity can infuse into your life. Then, I unfold all the benefits your effort to overcome your problems can have, and finally, I tell you the exact, actionable, and realistic solutions for how can you get there.

    This book is a collection of real life and expert tactics, after listening to which and your heart, I'm sure you'll get there: carefree emotional security and unbreakable confidence.

    ©2016 Zoe McKey (P)2017 Zoe McKey

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