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    Do you struggle to keep your daily life on track? Feel powerless, impatient, and annoyed during your day, and when evening comes you just want to do nothing? If you feel like you never get enough sleep and have no energy for the next day...this book is for you! This is the latest installment in the best-selling Daily Routine Makeover series: Evening Edition, where you'll learn evening habits to save you energy, organize your upcoming day better, develop good health and sleeping routines, and become less stressed. In Daily Routine Makeover: Evening Edition you will learn to organize your day better, feel productive at late hours, improve your morning activity, lose weight, and sleep well. It provides you with the most powerful and effective habits that will teach you exactly how to start reorganizing your day starting from evening! Learn how to develop evening routines that are both actionable and doable. Daily Routine Makeover: Evening Edition contains how to:

    • Feel more energized and better throughout your day
    • Adopt a health preserving lifestyle and have more restful and refreshing sleep
    • Overcome decision fatigue
    • Ease your mind by processing today's events
    • Plan tomorrow like a professional

    What else will you get:

    • Create a cozy environment for a better evening
    • Why disconnecting makes your sleep more restful
    • How to use the power of flexibility in parenting and involve your family in your evening chore
    • Evening nutrition and physical activity tips
    • Step-by-step exercises in each chapter

    Do you want to make better use of your evening hours, become healthier, calmer, and happier than before? Then check out Daily Routine Makeover: Evening Edition and start transforming your life starting tonight!

    ©2017 Zoe McKey (P)2017 Zoe McKey

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