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    Do people have trouble understanding you? Are you yearning for your dream career, but your accent is stopping you? Is English your second language? Do you believe that your accent may be keeping you from the advancement you've been seeking? In Accent Reduction For Professionals, you'll discover secrets of reducing - and eliminating - your foreign accent. Envision the ability to present a contract or proposal to your native-speaking colleagues and not worrying about how you sound, confident in knowing that you've effectively masked your tell-tale accent and how everyone is listening to what you are saying and not how you're saying it. With this guide, you'll quickly learn the easiest ways to sound more like an American and dramatically improve the way you sound. What habits and insights can you be assured of learning when you learn and implement the tips, tricks and techniques revealed in this concise book?

    ©2016 Whitney Nelson (P)2016 Whitney Nelson

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