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    Better Together is an illustration of applied methods designed to permit the listener to create their own inspired, inclusive, synergistic, and successful outcomes for their varied, small groups. These methods may be applied by coaches, teachers, employers, parents, and all of those who find themselves cast in a leadership role. The author, Todd A. Porter, has utilized his journey as a youth baseball coach, umpire, and parent as his vehicle to communicate and illustrate an organized framework of adaptable leadership and communication techniques. The book will illustrate how to create an effective practice or teaching plan, establish foundational group consensus, create an atmosphere where all group members are included and supported, establish teaching methods to overcome individual apprehension in light of unavoidable risk, create and maintain individual and group tempo, promote leadership within the group, permit and promote mistakes as a part of the developmental learning process, prepare for and manage game day or other professional performance, and maintain a devoted perspective as a group leader.

    ©2017 Todd Anthony Porter (P)2017 Todd Anthony Porter

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