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    Written by Brooke Potter, PMP, Six Sigma black belt, a highly trained and experienced professional.

    This book contains practical, proven, and time-tested methods utilized by high-achieving, successful individuals to become more productive in their personal and professional lives. The following demonstrates the book's layout:

    • Table of Contents
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: Habits, Routines and Productivity
      • A. What is a habit?
      • B. How are habits formed?
      • C. How long are habits formed?
      • D. Routine and Productivity
      • E. What are the benefits of following a routine?
    • Chapter 2: Starting the Day Right
      • A. Morning Habits of Successful People
      • B. How should my morning routine look like?
    • Chapter 3: Being Productive in the Office
      • A. Habits to look out for
      • B. Tips to be efficient in the workplace
    • Chapter 4: Being Productive While Working at Home
      • A. Productivity Strategies for Stay-at-Home Parents
      • B. Productivity Tips for Work-from-Home Individuals
    • Chapter 5: 8 Ways to Overcome Laziness
    • Chapter 6: 10 Tips to Develop Good Habits
    • Chapter 7: Routine Template
    • Conclusion

    ©2008-2014 Green Initiatives (P)2015 Green Initiatives

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