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  • DIY Household Minimalism

  • Create a Minimalist Environment in Your House Easily and FAST!
  • Von: Sonia Cherry
  • Gesprochen von: Hattie Livingston
  • Spieldauer: 22 Min.
  • Ungekürztes Hörbuch

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    Fast and Easy Minimalist Creation for Your Home

    Minimalism is not as difficult and time consuming as it seems. It can be done even without professional expertise, and it may take only a few days.

    It is good to take things slow. However the goal here is to speed up so you can reap the benefits of household minimalism right away. In this book you will discover the factors that might slow down your minimalist pursuit as well as some effective ways to overcome them. Also provided herein are organized and efficient techniques in organizing and decluttering.

    Seven Reasons to Buy This Audiobook

    1. It's short and informative--no fluff!
    2. This audiobook is straightforward and gets to the point
    3. It has a great concept
    4. Learn what you need to know fast!
    5. Don't waste hours listening to something that won't benefit you
    6. Specifically recorded to help and benefit the listener!
    7. The best compact guide to learn what you need to learn in a short period of time

    Check Out What You Will Learn by Listening to This Audiobook!

    • The benefits of household minimalism
    • Planning and sketching the minimalist design
    • How to implement household minimalism
    • Do-it-yourself implementation for household minimalism


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