Frank Tayell

Frank Tayell

The hunt for those responsible for the apocalypse comes to an end in No Turning Back (Life Goes On 5) out now. Strike a Match 4 Over By Christmas, out now: Twenty years after a nuclear war, the world has regressed to the age of steam. Food is rationed, prospects are slim, and crime is on the rise. As a terrorist insurgency sweeps through Europe, only the officers of the Serious Crimes Unit can prevent the collapse of their fragile democracy. 1. Serious Crimes, 2. Counterfeit Conspiracy, 3. Endangered Nation, 4. Over By Christmas Surviving the Evacuation, Life Goes On, & Here We Stand: Within hours of the outbreak, Manhattan was overrun. Within days, the living dead had spread throughout the world. Within six months, fewer than ten thousand people were left alive. This is the epic saga of how they survived. To be among the first to know about new releases, you can sign up to the mailing list here: For more information visit:,, or
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