Frank Tayell

Frank Tayell

Surviving the Evacuation continues in Book 8: Anglesey, out now. The survivors on Anglesey have electricity, wheat, and not much more. The prospect of annihilation held the community together, now that threat is gone, a new danger arises, one that could destroy this last remnant of humanity. Set in Wales and Ireland, seven months after the outbreak. Though it's not essential, I would recommend reading Here We Stand 1 & 2 (the story of a rigged election, Sholto's attempt to stop the outbreak, and the collapse of America) before Book 8. The series will continue in Book 9: Belfast, out this winter. To be among the first to know about new releases, you can sign up to the mailing list here: Surviving the Evacuation & Here We Stand: The story of a global outbreak, the people who survived, and their attempt to forge a new world out of the ruins of the old. Strike a Match: A detective series set twenty years after a nuclear war, as nations struggle to rebuild, and crime is once more on the rise. For more information visit: or

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