Frank Tayell

Frank Tayell

Out Now: Surviving the Evacuation 20: Small Cogs in the Survival Machine. The final evacuation begins. Surviving the Evacuation, Life Goes On, & Here We Stand: Within hours of the outbreak, Manhattan was overrun. Within days, the living dead had spread throughout the world. In Britain, an evacuation of the inland cities began. The architect of this plan, Bill Wright, was left behind. His leg broken, he's trapped in a city of the undead. So begins his quest to unite the last survivors of humanity, hunt down those responsible for the apocalypse, and begin to rebuild. Brawl of the Worlds: First Contact - if first contact took place today, how would the world react? A lighthearted tale of intergalactic war, the fall of empires, and the rise of librarians. Strike a Match - A post-apocalyptic detective series: Twenty years after the apocalyptic Blackout, steam-trains and the telegraph have replaced smartphones and satellites, but while some still fear technology, many dream of its return. 1. Serious Crimes, 2. Counterfeit Conspiracy, 3. Endangered Nation, 4. Over By Christmas, 5: Thin Ice To be among the first to know about new releases, you can sign up to the mailing list here: For more information visit:,, or
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