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There We Stood

Surviving the Evacuation, Book 17
Autor: Frank Tayell
Sprecher: Tim Bruce
Serie: Surviving the Evacuation, Titel 17
Spieldauer: 14 Std. und 33 Min.

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As one year ends, and our old world fades into memory, a new future is born. 

On a frozen archipelago, where it is too cold to farm, a few thousand survivors from across the Atlantic have found a refuge. The arduous process of turning a sanctuary into a home begins once more for these weary travelers, who’ve been chased from Britain, Ireland, France, and Denmark. But their work is not yet done. The missing Marines cannot be left behind. The French and Ukrainians cannot be abandoned. The cartel can never be forgotten. 

As soldiers once again become civilians, the dangers of malnutrition replace the everyday specter of starvation. Potential mutiny supersedes being overrun by the undead. Boredom replaces fear. Slowly, they relax, allowing themselves to enjoy the simple pleasure of music and plays, of weddings and births, and of life without the imminent prospect of death. But all is not what it seems in the snowy wastes surrounding their town.

While Europe is a zombie-filled radioactive wasteland, there are other continents. Other oceans. Other survivors. Other communities, just like their own, who will fight to keep what they have clawed from the grip of the apocalyptic nightmare. 

Set in Northern Europe, Eastern Canada, and the tumultuous seas in between, as one year ends, and a new civilization dawns.

©2020 Frank Tayell (P)2020 Frank Tayell

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