Aleron Kong

Aleron Kong

Greetings! First, please join the new "LitRPG" facebook group! We are having serious fun dorking it out discussing our new favorite genre! I have been reading sci-fi and fantasy for basically thirty years. Like most of you I have cut my literary teeth on the greats, Raymond E Fiest, Piers Anthony, Terry Goodkind, Dragonlance Chronicles writers, Robert Jordan, Octavia Butler, and am an avid consumer of more recent names, Brent Weeks, Kim Harrison, and the man Brandon Sanderson lol. I have recently gotten interested in LitRPG (Literature Role Playing game). I have toyed with the idea of writing for years, and I have finally found my particular niche. My primary goal was, and still remains, to write a story that I would like to read. I am humbled and delighted that ya'll (yes I AM Southern US) will give it a shot as well. Please let me know if you like it. While this has been a labor of love, please be brutally honest, truer words were never spoken, all is fair in love and war! I am proud and blessed to say that all four of my books have made it to #1 on Amazon!!! I am still loving the process! If you keep reading, I'll keep writing! Peace, love and the perfect margarita!

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