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    Caris has more freedom than most girls her age - her father taught her to ride, to fight, and to conduct business. She makes the most of that freedom, taking lovers where and when she chooses, enjoying every sensual pleasure that her lovers introduce her to.

    However, one day she is overtaken by a starving pack of wargs as she rides between towns. Alone, she has no hope but to outrun them. As her horse tires and slows, rescue comes from a most unlikely source- a raiding party of orcs.

    The orcs are willing to rescue her from the wargs - for a price. In exchange, she must agree to pleasure each of them before the night is over. If she survives the night, she'll be free to go. Has Caris learned enough carnal tricks to satisfy them all?

    ©2014 Dragon Style Press (P)2014 Dragon Style Press

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