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    Can the good girl change the bad boy?


    I see something in Jake Allen that no one else seems to. Most people will tell you he is a lost cause, but I think differently.

    Sure, he is rude and arrogant, curses a lot, and has a short temper like most fighters, but underneath all that I see a decent man. A man worth helping. A man worth loving.

    If he can just stop frontin' for one moment, then I feel I can help him to see that, too.


    I am not sure who this Lisa Porter woman thinks she is, but one thing is for sure: She is freakin' hot!

    She tells me she has connections that could turn me into the greatest MMA fighter on the planet, but we both know the real reason she is hanging around me. She wants to get into my bedroom and enjoy some of that Jakey love, like most women in Brooklyn.

    And if she can stop frontin' for just one moment, then she is gonna get all of that, and she is going to love every second.

    ©2016 Susan Westwood (P)2016 Susan Westwood

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