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Trust Me, I Hate You

Men of Fort Dale, Book 2
Sprecher: Michael Ferraiuolo
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 49 Min.

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Love and hate are not opposites, but sometimes they’re born from the same fire....

Sean: Soldiers die, that’s just how it goes. It’s different when it’s one of your brothers. Team Maelstrom, my team, was broken when we lost one of our own. And now we have to sit around Stateside while the men in charge figure out what to do with us. When they find a replacement, I immediately know it’s not going to work. I can’t deal with this pain in the ass. I want him gone. It looks like I’m stuck with him, but I don’t have to make it easy.... 

Aidan: I didn’t ask for this. I don’t want this. I’ve been thrown into this dysfunctional team with a team leader who’s out to get me. The guy’s an ass, and he’s driving me crazy. I can hardly think straight when I’m dealing with him. Then everything changes when he pins me to a wall and kisses me....

Before Sean and Aidan can figure out what to do about that kiss, Team Maelstrom is thrown from the frying pan into the freezer. Fear and peril changes people, but will it change these two hot military men enough to keep the team alive? Can they work things out between them and get everyone back home in one piece? And what about the future? 

©2020 Romeo Alexander (P)2020 Books Unite People

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