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  • Tiny House: Houses for Living Small

  • Plans for Your Perfect Home Design and a Mortgage Free Life
  • Geschrieben von: Stephen Aldrich
  • Gesprochen von: Peter Reed
  • Spieldauer: 43 Min.

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    Tiny house living is truly freeing

    Tiny homes used to get a bad rep when they first appeared. Many people used to question their livability and if it was worth downsizing. Now through the influence of being featured on popular home improvement shows, tiny homes are growing in numbers and for good reason. Tiny homes offer a simple approach to getting rid of many of the common disadvantages that traditional homeowners face and are just plain neat!

    This book lays out a blueprint for what a complete beginner will need in order to explore the world of tiny houses and to build one of their own as well as insight for anyone interested in tiny homes.

    Listen to this book now and start learning the following:

    • Benefits of living in a tiny house
    • Some things to consider before going tiny
    • Storage space, functionality, water, gray water, electricity, being stationary vs. mobile, equity, etc.
    • Examples of tiny house plans
    • Shipping container homes
    • Plans for shipping container homes.
    • FAQ's like "Do I need a contractor?", where to park a tiny home, buying an already built tiny house vs starting from scratch, building codes, and licenses.
    • And much more!

    ©2016 Alder Publishing (P)2016 Alder Publishing

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