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    Learn exactly what it takes to become successful through passive income streams.

    Like most people, we all have ambitions to become more financially free and break away from the typical job mold. We all would like that extra bit of income and for some, like it was for me, it is sometimes a necessity. How would it feel to spend more time being yourself and doing the things you love to do? To not have to worry about showing up at the job you dread every day or to simply have that extra $500-$5000 every month?

    One of the things people always told me growing up was that I needed to decide on what I was going to pursue as a career. It continued well into college where I was constantly switching my major and felt limited in my choices for a lifelong job. In 2010 I began writing for a living and around the same time began dabbling into affiliate marketing. Shortly after I dropped out of college and pursued making money online through multiple income streams. It was the best decision I made and I never looked back.

    In this book you will learn:

    • How to pick a good niche and why niche selection is key
    • How to define your audience
    • How to create an online drop shipping store
    • How to earn commisions through affiliate marketing
    • How to sell an online course
    • How to set up a blog
    • How to scale a stream of income efficiently
    • How to make money through building an email list
    • How to outsource effectively and why it is essential
    • How to make money through Kindle publishing

    Download this book today!

    ©2016 Alder Publishing (P)2016 Alder Publishing

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