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    They say the "Old Time Radio Era" ended in 1962, but radio drama carried right on…and here's the proof! Provocative, thoughtful, and up-to-the-minute in its treatment of life as it was lived, that was Theatre 5

    This powerful anthology series featured an invigorating combination of veteran performers and rising young actors in sharp, concise stories with a message and an impact! Alan Alda, Elaine May, Margaret Hamilton, Jackson Beck, Paul McGrath, Fred Foy, Lesley Woods, and more star in 24 engaging episodes. 

    Episodes include: Mama's Girl 06-01-1965; Noose of Pearls 06-02-1965; The Wishing Stone 06-10-1965; A Bad Day's Work 06-15-1965; Goodbye, Matt 06-23-1965; You Can't Fight City Hall 06-29-1965; Method in the Madness 06-30-1965; Devotion 07-05-1965; Jailbreak 07-06-1965; Don't Hesitate to Call 07-07-1965; A Matter of Appearances 07-08-1965; Ed's War 07-09-1965; Casualty of a Small War 07-12-1965; The Marked Man 07-13-1965; The Walls of Poison Ivy 07-14-1965; The Big Waves 07-15-1965; Flies with Honey 07-16-1965; Flights of Angels 07-20-1965; In Time of Trouble 07-21-1965; Jazz Festival 07-22-1965; Whatever Happened to the 5:25 07-23-1965; In Absence of All Intelligent Life 07-26-1965; I Spy Sister Sarri 07-27-1965; Death Watch 07-28-1965

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