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    The name of Sherlock Holmes conjures images of gas-lit streets and dark mysteries from a bygone age. Solving crimes alongside his trusted friend Dr. John H. Watson, Holmes is, without a doubt, the most famous sleuth the world has ever known. For more than 100 years, he has been the subject of countless literary works, stage plays, films, television shows, and radio programs.

    Now, with full authorization from the Conan Doyle estate, we bring you 23 newly written adventures as presented on the long-running dramatic radio series starring John Patrick Lowrie as Holmes, with Lawrence Albert as Dr. Watson, Rick May as Inspector Lestrade, and Mary Anne Dorward as Mary Watson.

    Episodes Include: School for Scoundrels 07-15-2001; The Adventure of the Dover Maiden 08-09-2001; The Adventure of the Wycliffe Codicil 09-23-2001; The Tuttman Gallery 10-28-2001; The Bee and the Spider 11-18-2001; The Man Who Believed in Nothing 12-23-2001; The Death of Artemus Ludwig 01-13-2002; 36 Thayer Street 02-17-2002; The Adventure of the Farnham Grange 03-17-2002; The Adventure of the Lonely Harvester 07-28-2002; The Strange Death of Lady Sylvia Eicchorn 08-25-2002; The Mystery of the Patient Fisherman 10-27-2002; The Wizard of Baker Street 12-15-2002; The Diary of Anthony Moltaire 01-19-2003; The Singular Affair of Madame Planchette 02-16-2003; The Bardsley Triangle 04-13-2003; The Strange Case of Lord Halworth’s Kitchen 06-15-2003; The Adventure of the Voodoo Curse 06-22-2003; The Mystery of the Ten-Pound Note 07-27-2003; The Adventure of the Great American 08-24-2003; The Amateur Mendicant Society 09-08-2003; The Adventure of the Tontine 10-26-2003; The Goldolphin Arabian 11-23-2003.

    Jim French Productions produced over 800 full-cast radio shows from 1975 through 2017, including such favorites as Harry Nile and The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which were broadcast on radio in the United States under the Imagination Theatre banner. Originating on KVI AM radio, and later KIRO AM and KIXI AM radio, Imagination Theatre was nationally syndicated to an additional 120 broadcast outlets.

    ©2018 Jim French Productions. All rights reserved. For home use only. Unauthorized duplication prohibited. (P)2018 Jim French Productions. All rights reserved. For home use only. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.

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