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    When Sheriff Bud Shumway’s Aunt Ginger asks him to deliver a stove to her new cafe in Sunnyside, Utah, Bud has no idea that he'll soon be in the middle of trying to solve how his Uncle Hank's friend, Jimmy Johnson, was killed, even though the giant three-toed track left in the middle of Jimmy's back points to the suspect as being some form of dinosaur.

    But that mystery soon takes a back seat to solving who is looting ancient Fremont antiquities from the famous Range Creek Canyon, where Bud and his geologist friend Shorty undertake a spy mission, accompanied by the elderly Mrs. Jensen, known for being a thorn in Bud's side back home in Green River, a thorn made tolerable only by her delicious sugar cookies.

    Soon Bud is dealing with all kinds of mayhem, from the robbery of the Sunnyside Mining Museum to missing rafts and a mysterious box found floating on the river, as well as a stranger wandering through the night everywhere Bud goes. Add in Deputy Howie's run for Mayor of Green River on a rockabilly platform, strange dinosaur calls, a missing figurine, a pair of bumbling crooks, a mysterious shield, hep cats, and hot rods, and there's never a dull moment in the high Utah desert.

    This is book number 14 in the Bud Shumway Mystery Series.

    ©2020 Marjorie Miller, Maya Kurtz (P)2021 Marjorie Miller, Maya Kurtz

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