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    The key to their survival lies with one man - if they can find him.

    With the refugees safe planetside, Commander Maria Salus returns to the UEC moon base to put down General Kurren’s coup and restore peace.

    Meanwhile, with the help of their new allies, Ethan and Summer prepare to take the fight back to the Maddened. But in the face of overwhelming odds, they are forced to take a dangerous new direction.

    The key to their survival lies in wiping out the genetically-mutated savages that are pouring out of the derelict megacity. But to create the necessary serum, they must find the enigmatic "hermit"; a man with a remarkable past.

    As the end closes in for both Maria and Ethan, they will be reunited for one final battle.

    At stake is the very survival of humanity itself.

    The Last of the Firsts is book three of The Planetsider Trilogy - a thrilling military sci-fi adventure set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future world. If you love the tense action of Aliens and thrillers like World War Z, you’ll love this.

    ©2019 G J Ogden (P)2020 G J Ogden

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