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    Relax, connect within, and feel deep inner peace with this exquisite guided meditation from one of the world’s leading experts in healing imagery. Gentle narration, a magical script, and soothing original music gracefully combine to deliver an unforgettable experience!

    This is the long-awaited third installment in the Healing Waterfall trilogy from Max Highstein. The new program, The Healing Waterfall III: Angel Pouring Light, carries forward the theme - a serene forest walk and a waterfall with a soothing pool below, where the listener can float and drift in curative waters. Professional narration, a custom music score, and high production values throughout all contribute to a guided inner journey to be enjoyed over repeated listenings for years to come.

    An excerpt from the journey: "Looking up at the waterfall, you see the angel once again, still pouring light into the water. It seems as if she’s been there forever, and your breath catches for a moment as she meets your gaze, making contact with you directly. She sees you, knows you’ve come to receive her gift, and welcomes you to her world. If you like, float on your back, and feel your whole body embraced by the light-filled water, as it seems to cradle and invite you to feel totally relaxed and free."   

    Notes from the author: "Returning to The Healing Waterfall to make this third and final installment was like visiting a dear old friend. A deep appreciation of nature, and its ability to restore and heal us of stress, motivated the creation of this program as the ones before. I believe the "real" Healing Waterfall and the all the Angels are within each of us, waiting to be found, offering to make life a little more comfortable, enjoyable, and rich. It's my hope that these programs will help everyone find that peace and healing waiting inside."

    ©2012 Max Highstein (P)2012 Max Highstein

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