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    Surrounded by autumn-touched trees, an ominous Art Deco-inspired 1923 hotel overlooks the raging Atlantic Ocean. A silhouetted figure stands behind one of its dark windows, eagerly awaiting his next guest.

    Anna Hall, a workaholic single mom, purchases the infamous and historically-rich Club Blue to fulfill her romanticized dream of being an independent hotel manager. Unaware of the hotel’s baggage, she quickly finds herself overwhelmed by the abnormal amount of freak accidents, the influx of strange guests and the everyday struggle of raising two teenage boys. Balancing her work and motherly responsibly is an uphill battle but Anna refuses to lose the fight. However, as more unexplainable and threatening events occur within the hotel’s twisted corridors, Anna’s stubborn ambition might be the very thing that destroys her family.

    ©2019 DBS Publishing (P)2019 DBS Publishing

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