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    This practical and highly accessible guide, written by British Cycling’s Lead Psychologist, will explore the importance of psychology in achieving peak cycling performance. 

    The audiobook will transfer the sport psychology strategies used to win Olympic gold and equip individuals with the psychological skills to pursue performance excellence in cycling and in daily life. For the last three Olympic Games the Great Britain Cycling Team has dominated the Velodrome events and is regarded as one of the most successful elite sporting setups in Olympic history. The emergence of sport psychology as a critical aspect of the Great Britain Cycling Team’s success has sparked wide interest in the psychological skills required to perform. 

    This audiobook will transfer the sport psychology strategies used to assist elite cyclists to win Olympic gold to individuals seeking to improve their own performance and psychological well-being on and off the bike. 

    The Cycling Mind will take the listener through the key stages of an athlete’s pathway, from training through to competition, and provide guidelines to developing the psychological skills to compete at their best. In addition the strategies explored in the audiobook can be applied across all high-pressure performance environments, including business and daily life.

    ©2019 Ruth Anderson (P)2019 Audible, Ltd

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