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    Would you like to plug profit holes in your Web site that are robbing you blind without your ever knowing it? Want to know some simple yet powerful "tricks" that few know and almost no one knows how to institute properly? Are you anxious to learn how to increase sales from bookings, product sales, and consulting services?

    Join Ford Saeks, the mastermind behind Randy Gage's Internet marketing, as he reveals secrets to successful Web design that produce lots of sales!

    You will learn:

    • The three things that you can do now to dramatically improve your online sales.
    • How to make your site a speaker support system.
    • Effective Web marketing techniques you can implement yourself.
    • How to entice online buyers.
    • Secrets to getting real, qualified traffic.
    • And much, much, more.

    This is a live recording of an interview-format teleseminar focused on information that would be valuable for speakers, trainers, consultants, coaches, and other information entrepreneurs. It was recorded via telephone.

    (P)2007 SpeakerNet News

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