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  • League of Legends Mid Lane Mastery

  • A Master Player's Guide to Dominating the Mid Lane in Season 7
  • Geschrieben von: St Petr
  • Gesprochen von: Nate Daniels
  • Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 54 Min.

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    Here is a list of the contributions that this book will make towards your current level of game knowledge:

    You will learn what the Mid Laner's role and responsibilities are, and there are a lot of specific instructions on what you can do to develop each quality, especially towards the end of the chapter. This includes map awareness, leadership, shot calling and more.

    You will learn how to model your champion pool for Mid Lane (yes, there is a best way to do it) and how to overcome the disadvantages of facing lane counters.

    You will learn the optimal Runes and Masteries setup for each popular Mid Laner.

    You will learn the intricacies of what you can do to acquire outstanding farming skills.

    You will learn the wave management techniques for Mid Lane which will help you build a massive advantage over your opponent.

    You will learn all you need to know about vision control, which includes the best warding spots for Mid Lane on both sides.

    You will learn the various ways in which you can influence your Jungler to gank for you more often and give you the Blue Buff every time.

    You will learn all you need to know about dominating your trades and how to trade against short-ranged, medium-ranged and long-ranged opponents.

    You will learn multiple other principles to dominating the Mid Lane.

    You will learn the various approaches you should use to extend your advantage and carry your games to victory.

    You will also learn all the details you need on how to play when you are behind in lane.

    Lastly, you will learn the practical steps that you can take to cultivate an unstoppable winner's attitude that will also help you have more fun with the game.

    There also are a lot of general game knowledge golden nuggets thrown all throughout the book to help you in your journey further.

    Are you excited? Best of luck on the Summoner's Rift!

    ©2016 Stewart Petr (P)2016 Stewart Petr

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