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  • The Definitive Guide to Making a Living Playing Video Games

  • Your Blueprint for Making Money Following Your Passion for Gaming
  • Geschrieben von: St Petr
  • Gesprochen von: Michael Hatak
  • Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 53 Min.

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    Sadly, most people trying to earn a living playing video games focus on becoming professional gamers, which is a short-lived career lacking in long-term prospects. If achieving financial freedom by following your passion for gaming is your goal, you have to be able to build a loyal following and then monetize it. As someone with over a decade of work experience in the gaming industry, I've seen no more than 100 content creators that succeeded and are now living the life of their dreams, compared to the thousands who failed. This book is my gift to the select few people that are courageous enough to pursue their dream of playing video games for a living. Who is this book for? There are four scenarios that fit the people this book is made for:

    • If gaming is something that you do on the side and you are interested in earning extra revenue while doing it anyway.
    • If you are an aspiring gaming YouTuber or Twitch streamer and you are interested in earning a full-time income within your first six months.
    • If you are an existing gaming YouTuber or Twitch streamer and you want to substantially increase your income.
    • If gaming is your burning passion and you are willing to do what it takes to turn it into a lifestyle that earns you six-to-seven figures per year.

    If that's you, here is exactly what you will learn from this book:

    • How much money you can expect to make, and how soon.
    • 21 ways you can make money while gaming from home, including passive income sources.
    • How to start making full-time income with just a few thousand loyal followers.
    • A detailed step-by-step guide to building a loyal audience that will follow you anywhere.
    • An action plan to help you stand out from your competition.
    • The aspects of building and growing a successful YouTube gaming channel.
    • How to become successful as a streamer on, starting from scratch.

    ©2016 St Petr (P)2016 St Petr

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