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    According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, 11 percent of Americans are in sales. Yet ask a room full of children, "Who wants to be a salesperson when you grow up?" and you'll get nothing but blank stares. 

    Why does no one aspire to be a salesperson, yet so many end up in sales? Money! 

    Sales is one of the few professions where you are the income driver. Want more freedom? Security? Impact on the world? Make more money, and you can have it all, right? 

    The legend of a "seven-figure commission club" has lured many into sales. Most realize quickly it's not as easy as it sounds! 

    As John Crowley started on his quest to join this elusive group, he voraciously consumed sales books, podcasts, and more. But when he implemented their suggested hacks, tips, and tricks, his commission decreased. Why? 

    With every new sales technique, he moved further away from the basics. The "experts" of the sales world muddied the waters and made us believe there's a magic bullet to make selling easy. Magic bullets don't exist in sales. 

    Through trial and error and a lot of knuckle dragging, John figured out what worked and what didn't. None of it was "easy"or "magic", but it was simple. You persist and win - or you quit and fail. You hunt and gather - or you starve and die. Even a caveman could understand that. 

    Welcome to the de-evolution revolution of sales!

    ©2018 John Crowley (P)2018 John Crowley

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