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    Have you ever wondered if it is hard to dry herbs in your own kitchen?

    Maybe you remember your grandmother hanging herbs around her kitchen and you remember the lovely aroma she always had in the house, even when she wasn't making dinner. Drying herbs is such an easy task, it is something we should all be doing. You will get a sense of satisfaction when you harvest your homegrown herbs from your garden and dry them for long-term food storage. When you need some spice for your recipe, it is exciting to reach into the cupboard and use the seasoning you prepared in your own kitchen. Your meals will be more enhanced and you will never go back to those boring, store-bought spices again.

    Drying herbs is easy, but there are some key details you need to know. There are so many different methods you can use to dry the herbs, you need to know which is best for you and the herbs you grow. This audiobook will explain various techniques along with the different types of herbs and how they should be dried. Not all herbs are created equal and not all herbs should be dried the same. This audiobook will help you determine the best way to go about it.

    You will also learn about shelf lives and storing methods. Each step of the drying process determines how long and how powerful your herbs will be. Don't take chances by winging it. This audiobook will take you through the harvesting and the storing of your herbs step-by-step. You will be a professional by the time you are done listening to this book, which means you have an excellent shot at turning your dried herbs into a lovely extra income! We could all use that!

    Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

    • What herb drying actually is
    • The benefits of herb drying at home
    • The different methods of herb drying
    • The most common and easiest herbs
    ©2015 Urban Cheapskate Mom (P)2015 Urban Cheapskate Mom

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