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A dark psychological thriller set in a Victorian asylum in the heart of Wales. 

Warning - contains highly disturbing material! 

It's 1893, and 19-year-old Flora George is admitted to a remote asylum with no idea why she is there, what happened to her child, or how her wealthy family could have abandoned her to such a fate. However, within a short space of time, it becomes apparent she must save herself from something far worse than that of a harsh regime. 

It's 2018, and 41-year-old Isobel Lee moves into the gatehouse of what was once the old asylum. A reluctant medium, it is with dismay she realizes there is a terrible secret here - one desperate to be heard. Angry and upset, Isobel balks at what she must now face. But with the help of local dark-arts practitioner Branwen, face it she must. 

This is a dark story of human cruelty, folklore, and superstition. But the human spirit can and will prevail...unless of course, the wrath of the fae is incited.

©2018 Sarah Elizabeth England (P)2019 Sarah Elizabeth England

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