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    1149 was a violent year in the Forest of Dean. During the reign of King Stephen, laws were lax, and landowners exacted high tithes from peasants forced to hand over their produce or face torture. One sector in society however, did not have to pay, and those were the monks. A fact which enraged local tyrant Baron John Rivers.

    Today, nearly 900 years later, the forest village of Monkspike sits brooding. There is a sickness here passed down through ancient lines, one which is noted and deeply felt by Sylvia Massey, the new psychologist. What is wrong with nurse Belinda Sully's son? Why did her husband take his own life? Why are the old people in Temple Lake Nursing Home so terrified? And what are the lawless inhabitants of nearby Wolfs Cross hiding?

    It is a dark village indeed, but one which has kept its secrets well. That is until local girl Kezia Elwyn returns home as a practicing Satanist and resurrects a hellish wrath no longer containable.

    Burdo, the white monk, will infect your dreams.... This is pure occult horror and definitely not for the faint of heart....

    ©2018 Sarah Elizabeth England (P)2019 Sarah Elizabeth England

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