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George Washington

Lessons from Our Founding Father
Autor: Austin Brooks
Spieldauer: 37 Min.

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So, why is this man important today? Why should we all care? Because our freedom and our democracy are being threatened from every side and preserving our faith in the values upon which this country was founded is more important than ever.

We need our values alive to keep our democracy alive. Both in the USA and all over the world.

Learn how the son of a wealthy tobacco planter became a decorated soldier that would later become the first president of one of the world's first democracies.

The book will show how a young man grew up under one of the most interesting moments in modern human history - the lead-up to the American Revolution that would bring the world its first taste of democracy, which would sweep across America and over to Europe. The book will trace his beginnings as the youngest son of a wealthy family of plantation owners of "mixed gentry" in colonial-era Virginia, to his time as a soldier, his changing allegiance (from England to the United States) and his ascension to one of the most important political figures in American history.

This book will show you how Washington overcame all the difficulties he faced to become the leader of the first modern democracy in the world.

You are likely to find in this book lessons that can be used in your personal and business life.

So are you ready to learn from the Washington's life? Are you interested in learning about life and leadership? All this, and more, in this fascinating book.



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