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    This is an experiential guide to working through your fear, stress, anxiety, or worry, based on Suzanne's 15 years' experience of working with clients holistically (as an acupuncturist, stretching trainer, energy worker, and self-development coach). You will be taken through some very simple steps to feeling better, whether you are looking for stress relief or ways of relieving anxiety, worry, or fear.

    This accessible audiobook walks you through the simple process, step by step, and gives you some great tools and information for:

    • Getting more connected to your body
    • Changing your physical state to change your feelings
    • Learning to listen to your emotions and work with them
    • Forgiving yourself for being imperfect
    • Practicing self-reflection and relaxation

    So, if you are looking for anxiety or stress relief, this easy-to-listen guide will help you in learning to find your center in order to become more resilient, self-expressed, and start feeling good again. 

    Suzanne has had great reviews for her work from The Times, The Guardian, Marie Claire, Elle, Psychologies, and other major publications and has written two other books (one on stretching and one on self-development).

    She creates simple tools that modern people can use to feel better without unnecessary complication or ideology, so whatever your background, lifestyle, or beliefs, you can use these exercises to start feeling happier and stronger. Whatever emotions you are dealing with right now, Suzanne hopes you will benefit from this book.

    ©2020 Suzanne Wylde (P)2020 Suzanne Wylde

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