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    In this classic, coming of age story, the winds of change are sweeping over pre-revolutionary Russia. It is a turbulent era of conflict between the Russian nobles and the radical new ideas of the youth. Two friends, Bazarov and Arkady, find themselves entangled in misunderstandings and romantic intrigues.

    Bazarov accepts Arkady's invitation to visit his family, but the visit soon leads to problems. Bazarov's outspoken nature, his rejection of social norms and all things authoritarian, soon stir conflict within Kirsanov home. Caught up in his friend's chaotic behavior, Arkady is propelled into some difficult choices. Will he follow his friend down a path of destruction or conform to social norms?

    Fathers and Sons is an enduring tale of chaotic social change that tears families apart and shows how love and loyalty can bring them back together. Today's listeners will discover many elements of their own changing world within this classic novel.

    Public Domain (P)2017 A.R.N. Publications

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