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    “Under your watch, Lilith and her dumbass human brought the living nightmare into my home and it attacked me. Your plan didn’t just fail, it failed catastrophically.”

    Amazon Top 100 Best-Selling Author

    Why is it that humanity can have their heroes, and another portion of humanity will have to hate and fear them? There is an army growing, and it isn't one that supports good, but rather supports...something else.

    Pandora believes that not supporting donuts is a good enough reason to label them evil.

    Angie's learning the saying "idle hands are the devils workshop” is twice as important if the hands are big and blue.

    Someone in hell is thinking of a takeover. With Lucifer out of the way, how would the demons play?

    Kick back for a fun, supernatural, action-packed adventure that will have you yelling for the good guys and laughing at the arguments between Katie and...her.

    ©LMBPN Publishing 2019 (P)LMBPN Publishing 2021

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