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    Build your strong habits.

    How many self-help books have you read that list habits they purport to instill? How many of those books have been successful in forming new habits? If you are planning to listen to this audiobook, then the other million didn’t work. They tried to tell you the habits of successful people or the mechanics of the brain, not how habits were acquired or changed. They all use different terminology but have the same concepts.

    Welcome to the book that will tell you the formula to build the successful habits you want!

    New habits don’t have to be a struggle. They do have to be consistent over time. This audiobook provides many methods for developing successful habits and keeping them. All of them have one thing in common: a simple formula. The formula is: time + repetition = habit. This formula is the primary takeaway from this book.

    Habits don’t form overnight, but in a mere two minutes a day, you can begin making changes to your life. The habit doesn’t matter, but repetition does. Any habit can be formed or bad habit extinguished with the simple formula that works, no matter what you name it.

    Discover how to gain new habits, keep your routine, and get the perfect productivity plan. Your habits require a neurological interaction as well as behavioral. Learn to access that part of your brain and create the changes you want. Understanding neural pathways help keep the forefront of your goals in your mind and an active part of your routine. 

    There is enough information in this audiobook to alter nearly anything you can imagine and make the life you desire.

    ©2019 James W. Gough (P)2020 James W. Gough

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