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    Have you ever stepped into a romantic relationship unsure if you were destined to be together, or thought perhaps that it would prove to be just a fanciful weekend fling? What about when working with others in the office? Have you ever felt sure that you would work well with someone but discovered that you two generated nonstop conflict? These are the essential questions that the study of astrology can better help us understand. With the insight offered from the signs of the zodiac, you can step into a relationship with another knowing exactly what the dynamic between your two personalities will be.

    The goal of this book is to explain all of the astrological signs and how they interact with each other in terms of romance, the workplace, and even in friendships. Our astrological signs are essential in predicting our personalities, and highlighting our strengths and weaknesses. Now using this premise, we can discover the compatibility between signs, and even identify when conflicts may arise.

    You don't have to be unsure about how you and another will interact when it comes to romance, a working relationship, or just a friendship. If you listen to this book and follow the advice that I offer, you will be better poised to enter relationships knowing exactly what to expect from another person. You won't be surprised by their actions or how the two of you get along, because you will have the wisdom that comes from our astrological signs. The secrets to better relationships are here, and you can have a better understanding of yourself and others.

    In this book you will find:

    • A guide to understanding the fascinating dynamics of how astrological signs interact
    • Learn strategies for interacting with astrological signs that have natural conflict
    • Gain insight into whether he/she is a lifelong partner, or just a short-term fling
    • Understand the signs that highlight your strengths and minimize your weaknesses

    ©2017 Ryan Zeman (P)2017 Ryan Zeman

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